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Sustainable, Reliable & Efficient Energy Solutions for Africa.

EXEGI-WPS, based in Gauteng, South Africa, operates in the field of renewable energies, in particular Small & Medium Wind Turbine Generators, Small Hydroelectric power, Solar Photovoltaics products, and Energy Efficiency.

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About Exegi-WPS

EXEGI-WPS is primarily a product distribution and Engineering firm, but also provides turn-key energy solutions.

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Value for money


Products / Services

We are among the few to render services in mini wind, that is the production of technologies which combine small sizes and great performances, in a market dominated by large wind turbines.

Reliable and flexible in-house production

We design, assemble and test every single component of our wind turbines. All the solutions dedicated to small wind power come from the factory in Grantorto, Italy. 

We are firmly convinced that only an in-house production may offer the technical guarantees necessary to satisfy every specific need. The ability to have in-house design components allows us to realize wind turbines capable of dealing with diverse environmental working conditions in the best way, taking full advantage of the potential energy performances our technologies provide.

Installed photovoltaic systems of every type and size i.e. small domestic and artisanal plants, solutions for industrial factories and large ground-mounted plants for the transfer of produced energy to the grid, have been completed historically. Our solutions are characterized by high performance and dependability over time, two essential factors in order to reduce energy costs and to optimize the investment.

Rooftop plants - Depending on the size of the coverage, on the orientation and on specific needs, we design and install the optimal Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BiPV) solution for businesses and private users. It is important for us that a rooftop plant respect some fundamental rules:

  • guaranteeing a high performance,
  • serving the activities taking place in the building,
  • respecting the integrity of the building structure and,
  • Architectural and structural integration onto the building.

Ground-mounted plants - We are specialists in the installation of high efficiency ground-mounted photovoltaic plants, supplying both turnkey solutions and targeted, personalized ones. In our role as EPC, we design and realize photovoltaic plants and are proud of a remarkable track record in successful plant realizations, that maintain high performance years after commissioning.

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners - We are distributors of Empower Series hybrid Air Cons. We also provide turn-key solution for engineering, procurement, installation and maintenance. Our solar air conditioner unit has a dual power source of both DC and AC. It can be powered directly by solar panels with all DC components and full DC technology. No external controller or inverter is needed

Lending from our International manufacturers and project implementation partners, EXERI_WPS comes with over 30 years of design and installation experience for Hydroelectric plants, and 15 years of design and production of high efficiency turbines.

We oversee every phase of the development of modern and efficient hydroelectric plants, from design to turnkey delivery. Thanks to our Research and Development department, we realize also different components, such as the hydraulic turbines necessary to guarantee the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

Furthermore, we specialize in the makeover of existing plants and in the development of hydroelectric plants on drinking water aqueducts.

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